Hand to Hand Combat Techniques: The Top 5

Simply put, there are probably hundreds of hand to hand combat techniques that you can have in your arsenal  Now, this is a good thing  This just means that you have a lot of techniques at your disposal if you do decide to undergo hand to hand combat training  This also means that you'll have a technique that you can use for every situation  Let's face it  The reason why we undergo this type of training is because of the unknown  You don't know if somebody will try to choke you in bar or somebody will try to break your wife's arm  It's good to know that you have something in your arsenal that you can use for whatever situation.

Now, these hundreds of moves can be narrowed down to a few moves  These are general moves that are oftentimes used during confrontations  This is because they're the most effective, and sometimes most practical techniques that you can do  You can think of them as your go-to moves  Master them and you'll have a strong and fighting chance of survival  Of course, you're not going to train just to learn these few moves  But it's good to know that you have these practical moves that you can easily master and yet, they're very effective.

Here are the top 5 hand to hand combat techniques:

1. Joint Manipulation

Now, there are basically two types of joint manipulation  The first one is the large joint manipulation  It may look hard at first but really, all you need to do is bend the joint in an unnatural position  The theory is easy but it takes some training in order to fully understand when and how to use it effectively  A popular large joint manipulation is the arm bar  This is done when you're grappling on the ground and you're on top of him  In a swift motion, you can slide to the side and grab his arm as you place pressure on his face with your foot  You then pull back and place unnatural pressure on the elbow.

A commonly overlooked technique is the small joint manipulation  You can easily neutralize an attacker by breaking his fingers  It can cause a huge amount of pain and that will affect his chances and usually even desire of attacking you.

2. Striking soft targets

Have you ever been struck accidentally on the throat? You probably hacked your lungs out and maybe even shed out a few tears  This is because it hurts a lot  The best thing about this technique is you don't need to use a lot of force in order for it to be effective  For example, you don't even have to close your fists if you want to strike the throat  A better way of doing it is with slightly bended fingers  You don't have to swing your arm back and risk the chance of him getting out of the way  You two can be grappling and just a swift strike to the indented part of the throat will instantly leave him open for further strikes  You can also go for the eyes or even the bridge of his nose.

3. Punch to the pit of the stomach

The pit of the stomach is also known as the solar plexus  A punch to the solar plexus can easily knock the wind out of your attacker  It doesn't matter if he's 250 pounds  This technique is perfect if you have an attacker rushing to you  A solid punch to the solar plexus using your full weight will have him doubled over gasping in pain and for air  You can then follow up with a knee to the face or the groin or you can just leave.

4. Elbow and knee strikes

There's a reason why Muay Thai is considered as one of the best martial arts for self defense  It's because it teaches you effective ways of using your knees and elbows  They're probably one of the most lethal weapons that your body has  Use the pointed area of your elbows and knees and you have techniques that can render your attacker immobile in a few swift strikes  A knee strike to the insides of his thigh where the peroneal nerve is located will either freeze him solid or drop him in pain  On the other hand, an elbow strike on the side of his head can easily knock him backwards.

5. Palm heel strikes

This usually comes with the element of surprise  This is usually done if an attacker is rushing to you with open arms so he can grapple you  You can strike his chin with the palm of your hand  The best thing about it is the movement is quick so he won't see it coming  The force of him running towards you will add to the force of the strike.

As you can probably see, you can easily learn the top hand to hand combat techniques and master them so you can use them effectively  You can easily use these techniques in order to defend yourself and your family and it's just a matter of having the desire to do so.