Hand to Hand Combat Tactics for Taking Down an Opponent

Attackers and aggressors always tend to prey on who they perceive to be weak  Of course, they want to be in and out as quickly as possible and they would always avoid those who they think can and will put up a fight  This is why as the conceived prey; you're already at a disadvantage especially if you're face to face with him.

Fortunately, you can tip the scales to your favor if you know how to take him down  There's an old cliché that goes, The bigger they are, the harder they fall  Unfortunately, the cliché doesn't tell you how to take the bigger guy down for the harder fall.

Unless you want live your life in fear, you have to know how you can take down an opponent  This can open up bigger possibilities for you so you can survive the attack  A good idea is to get out of there as soon as he's down  You can also switch from prey to predator by following it up with further strikes and hits  Simply put, you're taking him down so you're in total control of what's going to happen next.

You have to know that you will use your body in order to take down your opponent  Your core muscles will be put to the test as you use other parts of your body to take him down swiftly  Here are some hand to hand combat tactics for taking down an opponent.

1. Leg sweep

Popular martial arts like Judo, Sumo and Freestyle Wrestling utilize this popular takedown technique  Like the name suggests, this technique calls for the use of your leg in order to sweep your opponent off his feet  There are two types of leg sweeps  The first one is the front leg sweep  This move is perfect if you're on the offensive  You can throw a punch and your opponent will react by trying to block your punch  As you throw your punch, you're going to step forward and your foot must be near your opponent's foot  You will then sweep your foot upwards and taking your opponent's foot with it  This opens up a lot of possibilities as you can take him down with more force by using your whole body for the takedown  You can also choose to strike once he's off-balance and he'll be wide open because his focus is on the fact that he's falling down.

The other type is the back leg sweep  This is useful if someone grabs you by your collar  You can grab him by his shoulders as you pull him towards you (or you're pulled by him) and place your right foot behind his right foot  You will then pull your leg back and sweep his legs in the process  You should then push with your upper body for more force.

2. Leg takedowns

This is probably one of the easiest hand to hand combat tactics for taking down an opponent  The theory is very simple  You're going to grab hold of his leg or legs and take him down instantly  The first type is the single leg takedown  This is done by grabbing one of his legs with one or two arms  Once you have a firm hold of the leg, you're going to pull it towards one direction, usually towards you  Now, that will make him off-balance but it's usually not enough to take him down  What you're going to do is use your upper body to push his upper body towards the opposite direction  So in this case, you're going to push it away from you  With his leg going towards you and his upper body going away from you, there's no way for him to go but down.

In martial arts like Judo, there are a lot of variations with the single leg takedown  But for self-defense purposes, the tactic of pulling his leg towards you while you push his body away from you is the most effective.

There is also the double leg takedown which is harder but equally effective if done correctly  You're going to grab both his legs to the point of almost hugging them so that your chest is close to his thighs  Now, the next move will depend on the situation  If you're strong, you can lift him up by a few inches and slam him to the ground to knock his windpipe out of him  You can also simply use the single leg takedown theory by pushing forward with your chest and shoulders while you pull his legs towards you.

With these tactics, you can easily take down an opponent and gain an unfair advantage over your opponent  There are no rules involved when someone's attacking you or your loved ones  You have to neutralize him ASAP and taking him down is one of the best ways to do that.