An Overview of Hand to Hand Combat

In this present time, a lot of people are forgetting about the importance of knowing hand to hand (H2H) combat  They think that buying a 12 gauge shotgun or other long-range weapons will do the trick for self-defense  This gives them a false sense of security that can instantly be wiped out when faced with a physical confrontation without their shotgun.

Conflicts and confrontations usually happen at close quarters.

You have to realize that most conflicts, confrontations and even life or death situations happen at close quarters  For example, a huge guy may grab your throat in a bar due to a drunken stupor  If you're carrying a gun, how's that going to help if you're already seeing stars because you don't know how to break free from his hold? Your gun is going to help you back in the days of the Wild Wild West where confrontations are settled 10 meters apart  In the real world, your attacker will grab you upfront, from the side or from behind.

Knowledge of hand to hand combat will be needed when you least expect it.

Sure, it's easy to just live life free from fear and paranoia  But you don't know fear until it's gnarling at you right in your face  By then, you have no choice but to be scared especially since you don't know what to do  This is why a lot of gun owners still get attacked  Very few of them carry 24/7  Who knows? You're on your way home from Church and someone attacks you with a knife in a fit of road rage  Your gun is not going to help you because it's in your safe at home  However, knowledge of H2H combat can help you defend yourself and your family in that situation.

It's proven to work.

How can something widely used by military around the world not be effective? These military organizations recognize the benefits of H2H combat and they even have it incorporated into their training  Yes, these soldiers have faith in H2H combat and how it can help them survive a war against other soldiers trained in it as well  So can you see how it can help you defend yourself against a burly attacker who's all brawns and no brains?

There are a lot of proven stories of men and even women of all ages who survived attacks just because they know how to defend themselves  A lot of women nowadays are arming themselves with this knowledge mainly because they're sick and tired of being helpless when attacked  A simple knee to the groin of a rapist can give you time to run  While a man who's being attacked by 4 guys can come out on top because he knows how to use his fists.

It's a lot of work.

Martial artists train their whole lives and they'll still tell you that they haven't perfected the craft yet  Now, you don't have to do the same  H2H combat is simply knowing a few tactics that you can use practically if needed  However, it's still a lot of work and you have to really be determined if you want to be knowledgeable and properly trained.

A lot of practitioners will even tell you that they're made easier  This is because of the growing following that it's getting  There's a program for everyone since programs nowadays are designed for civilians who just want to defend themselves.

But you can't jump in if you're half-baked with the idea of learning hand to hand combat  Again, it's a lot of work and you'll be out of there in a few sessions  A good tip is to come up with reasons why you want to learn it  Let me tell you one thing  You just need one reason  You want to be able to defend yourself and your family if the need arises  This will give you the jolt that you need so you can be fully determined to master it.

There are a lot of people posing as experts in H2H combat.

This can be considered an ill effect of its growing popularity  There are a lot of experts who want to cash in by selling you a course that's all bull  Besides, there are a LOT of martial arts in the world and being a master in one doesn't make you a master in H2H combat for self-defense  You can go to a Dojo if you want to learn Karate  But if you want to learn hand to hand combat, you have to get your training from someone who's developed a program that took bits and pieces from different martial arts in order to come up with a practical system that you can use.

This overview is a brief but concise primer on everything you need to know about H2H combat  It's up to you what you're going to do next.