Combat Training: An Overview

Times sure have changed nowadays  Everything is so modern that it's sometimes hard to keep up  With all the changes that happened in the past centuries, there is one thing that didn't and will never change  It's the presence of dangers that we and our loved ones face each and every day  Sure, the Nazis are already long gone  But what about that huge dude that's always in the back of your mind if you're walking alone in a dark alleyway? What about that guy in a track suit wielding a knife waiting by your car in a very dark parking lot? You're just imagining these things now  But for someone else in other parts of the world, that's a reality and that's a reality that you have to be prepared for if you want to have a fighting chance of survival.

Combat training is about survival.

Ever heard of the saying, kill or get killed? These situations happen ALL THE TIME  Before, people had this sense of security when they're inside their homes  But check your local papers for robbery news and there's a good chance that you'll find a few of them  Imagine yourself lying in bed with your lovely wife and you hear something downstairs  With the false sense of security, you go down wrapped in your expensive robe and you see yourself face to face with a robber desperate for some cash  What are you going to do?

What you don't know is there's a good chance that this robber is on kill or get killed mode  He's probably a second offender who doesn't want to go back to jail and he'll do anything to avoid that  Oh, and your Hey! is only going to agitate him more  Sure, there's a chance that he'll just try to flee  But are you really going to risk everything and just hope that he'll flee instead of kill you? What about your lovely wife who has no idea on what's happening? What about your little kid? The robber is now thinking of killing you  If you want to survive, you have to have the training needed to defend yourself and your family  You don't have to kill him  You just have to stop him from killing you and your family by neutralizing him.

You have to take control of yourself.

We've seen it in the movies  We've seen the lead actress fumble with her keys as she tries in vain to open her car door as she tries to get away from her unseen assailant  This is known as Condition Red  This happens when your heart beats at around 145 beats per minute and you lose control of your motor functions  Your heart is beating so fast because of fear and you lose control of yourself  This is when most people get killed.

Now, let's say that you're staring at the face of a shotgun aimed by someone who's determined to kill you  There are only a few things that can happen  Usually, you freeze solid for a few seconds which is just enough for your assailant to pull the trigger  You're so frozen that you can't even pray for your life  Another thing that can happen is you snap out of your stupor and you beg for your life  But with someone that's intent on killing you, do you think that will work? It probably would if you're going to beg for an hour and give 50 reasons why he should spare your life  But in a dark alleyway, the assailant wouldn't have the time to listen to your reasons  He'll blow your head off  It's gruesome and you wouldn't want that to happen to you.

Combat training is all about taking control of your own body  Instead of freezing, your brain actually tells you to fight or get the hell out of there  This is called the fight or flight response  Animals have it including us humans  Now, flight is always the better choice if given the chance  But you have to be in total control of your body to recognize the opportunity for flight  Besides, you wouldn't want your knees to give in as you're running for dear life.

But what if your mind tells you to fight? What are you going to do? With proper training, you'll be able to take control of your muscles and actually have the knowledge on how to take down your assailant  It sure beats having to beg for your life to no avail.

It's about peace of mind.

Do you really want to live in fear? Or do you want to live life knowing that you have what it takes to defend yourself and your family in confrontations? You don't have to live in fear anymore  Have the peace of mind that you can only get by knowing that you can defend yourself and your family.