Combat Skills Training: 3 Drills That Will Improve Your Stamina

Combat skills training is rigorous  This is the reason why stamina is required  Now, you have to know that the training itself will build up your stamina  This is the reason why people who train for it religiously always end up being a better person overall because of the improved stamina  However, it's in your best interest to work on your stamina for the training itself  This will present you with a lot of benefits that can help you train better.

So what are the benefits? The most obvious is you'll be able to practice the techniques and moves repeatedly without having to reach for an oxygen tank  Training calls for quick and sharp movements that are repeated constantly until perfected  If you're going to stop in the middle of it, it's like going back to zero  You'll have a harder time mastering the techniques that way.

Besides, you'll need the stamina in the real world when faced with dangers  A lot of criminals are so pumped up with drugs that they're so hyper  They won't tire easily and that can spell trouble for you if you won't be able to keep up  Let's say that you did a quick combination of strikes and it left you breathless  You can't run out of there because you're out of breath  The druggie in his drug-induced state was able to recover quicker and now, you're in trouble.

You also have to build stamina in order to endure diseases  Needless to say, you need to be healthy in order to train  Your body should be functioning to its full capabilities and it shouldn't be slowed down by diseases.

Here are the top 3 drills that can improve your stamina for combat skills training:

Interval Training

We all know that fights and confrontations should end quickly for your own sake  If you encounter a dude with a knife in a dark alleyway, he's not going to look to go the distance  This is why the attacks are going to be short but intense  Movements will be very quick and that can be very overwhelming if you lack stamina.

The concept of interval training is very simple  You're going to do high intensity drills alternated with short periods of rests  Take a look at boxing fights  They do a lot of work per 3 minute round and they get to rest for a minute in between rounds  You can do interval training on your own  If you have a heavy bag, you can punch continuously with high-intensity for 1-3 minutes depending on your current fitness level and rest for 20-60 seconds in between rounds  You can start with 4 rounds.

You can also do the same without a heavy bag  If you are a member of a gym, get on the treadmill or stationary bike  You can also purchase punching mitts and have someone assist you  But if you're on your own, you can do these for interval training:

  • Jumping rope
  • Sprinting
  • Jumping jacks
  • Weights
  • Biking

Aqua Striding

As the name implies, you will do striding exercise in the water  A pool is the perfect place to do this  All you really need to do is jog in the water as if you're jogging on land  But stride as far as possible for more benefits  As a bonus, your strength is also being developed because of the added resistance of the water  This drill is perfect if you're overweight and if you're concerned about joint injuries  It's a low impact drill so you can avoid injuries.

Running Drills

Ever wondered how can a long-distance marathon runner run for 42 kilometers? It's because they have the stamina for it and you can be sure that he does running drills to train for it  There are a lot of running drills that you can follow but it's highly suggested that you stay away from drills that encourage slow running  As mentioned, you have to develop your stamina in such a way that your body will be ready for quick and rapid movements  Higher intensities also tap in to your anaerobic system instead of aerobic and that's more beneficial  Just be sure to keep up the high intensity for longer distances and more repetitions  You can also add ankle weights for better effects.

You can incorporate these 3 drills into your combat skills training and you'll have the stamina that you need for better training  You'll also have increased speed and power which is also very helpful  You'll make the most out of your training and you'll be able to learn the skills needed in a shorter time than the usual so you can be ready to defend yourself and your family as soon as needed.