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Welcome to my blog on hand to hand combat training and intelligence!

I’ve endevoured to cover pretty much everything on combat training in this blog. A good place to start is our “Featured Articles”. There are 10 articles that are packed with explosive information that can help you hit the ground running as far as training for combat is concerned. You can start with our basic guide and overview so you can learn the theory around it. These articles are helpful so that you’ll understand the history, and basic techniques. You’ll also read on what you can expect in training so you’ll have a chance to psyche yourself up.

You should check out hand to hand combat techniques and moves for effective moves that you can start practicing today. You will also see the different takedown moves that are very helpful in real-life scenarios. You can master these moves with little practice.

You should always arm yourself with new skills and knowledge through continuous reading and training. Criminals are getting nastier each and every day and they’re not going to stop. You should also train continuously, and you’ll find the information that you need for free in this blog. You’ll learn about basic moves today and you’ll continue to get better the longer you study and train.

Sure, you can check out several sites and you can get tidbits of information from each one. Or you can bookmark this site, pull a chair, and start reading right now!

This blog is constantly updated with new information often. So stop living in fear and do something about it. It’s your right and responsibility.